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How to create a help centre website with

Workspace Docs


After reading this article and completing the listed steps, you'll have a fully functioning help centre website completely managed within with no coding knowledge required!

Why do you need a help centre?

Creating a help centre for your business is crucial to not only build trust, but also provide answers to common questions and problems customers may encounter. Implementing a help centre can often significantly reduce customer support requests and increase overall customer satisfaction as customers are able to find the answer themselves quickly, without waiting for a response. As a result, this can lead to an increase in conversions, in addition to other benefits such as increasing team efficiency within the business with frequently asked questions, along with their answers, all in one place.

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Creating your help centre

To create your help centre, we'll be using the Workspace Docs app. This app will allow you to publish your content online to your own website, leveraging native features such as boards, groups and workdocs you're likely already familiar with, making it super easy to setup.

To get started with Workspace Docs and setup your docs site in just a few minutes, follow our getting started guide for a detailed walkthrough of installing and using the app.

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Published on 14 Dec 2023

I wish I had used these guys in the first place...

"Jack and the team were outstanding with communication, design, advice and build, which ended up looking and feeling 100% native. I will be using these guys again I'm sure."

- Brendan

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