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Subscription Tracker

Subscription Tracker

Track and manage your subscriptions with ease within Todoist. Subscription Tracker is a free extension which can be added to your Todoist account and can be setup in minutes.

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Keeping track of your subscriptions can be hard. With different billing cycles, currencies, and amounts, it can be challenging to keep on top of upcoming charges and catch those free trials you forgot to cancel. Subscription Tracker allows you to manage all of this inside Todoist so you can quickly view subscription insights in a matter of minutes.

No extra configuration is needed. Simply add it to your account, create new subscription items in a project according to the format, and you’re good to go! And since it’s all within Todoist, all existing features you love — such as notification reminders, smart date inputs, and more — can be used to quickly add new subscriptions.

Track subscriptions

View upcoming charges

Add new subscriptions with ease

Multi-currency support

Visualise your spending

Completely free

Subscription TrackerSubscription Tracker

Ready to get started and easily track your subscriptions?

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"Jack and the team were outstanding with communication, design, advice and build, which ended up looking and feeling 100% native. I will be using these guys again I'm sure."

- Brendan

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