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Publish and share boards online in minutes. Perfect for showcasing your product or service catalogue, a directory, online booking site, and anything else you store in boards.

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Board Publisher is the best way to publicly share boards through a clean, highly customisable experience. With advanced customisation and display options, it's easy to create anything from your board. Customise your published board and make it live within minutes of installation through our easy-to-use app settings and customisation tools.

⚙️ Dynamic filtering & categorisation: Use our configuration options to categorise your content into collections and add dynamic filters based on the columns you select.

🖥️ Table and grid views: Customise the appearance of your published boards with multiple board views, allowing you to set defaults or choose which ones to show.

🔥 Get creative with formulas: We support the formula column, allowing for truly dynamic data and messaging to show on your board based on other columns' values.

💡 Claim your own subdomain: Have all your boards published on the same subdomain with different slugs for consistent branding and easy-to-find boards.

🚀 Item detail page: Each item comes with its own dedicated page, in addition to the 'all items' page, allowing you to provide more details on each item and directly link to specific items.

Key settings:

- Fine-grained control over each column, allowing for customisation such as show and hide conditions, appearance customisations, and more.

- Create buttons from column values to link to external pages (such as product checkout links, enrolment payment links, more information, etc.).

- Add standalone elements to the item detail page to make certain values stand out (such as a description or product notice).

- Use formulas to show calculated data on the board.

- No coding required, easy to set up.

- Published securely with HTTPS and SSL encryption.

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"Jack and the team were outstanding with communication, design, advice and build, which ended up looking and feeling 100% native. I will be using these guys again I'm sure."

- Brendan

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