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Using ecommerce mode

This feature is new and these docs are a work in progress. Let us know what you think and any feedback to make it even better!

What is ecommerce mode?

Ecommerce mode allows you to turn your published board into an online store with the ability for users to add items and manage their cart and checkout to a URL provided by you (more on this below).

How do I set it up?

Ecommerce mode can be enabled in your Board Settings in the 'Modes' section. Once enabled, you'll have a handful of options to customise and configure it to your board.

The most important field once ecommerce mode is enabled is the 'Checkout Link'. This determines where your users are sent when clicking 'checkout' on your published board and ultimately, how you'll be able to capture their order.

We recommend setting the checkout link to a form, whether that's using a form builder (such as workforms, or JotForm) or a custom form you have implemented. This will allow users to enter their details for you to then receive and process their order. You can even get creative and add payment options to the form to capture payment all in one flow!

In this example, we'll go through using workforms, however, the same concepts can be applied to other form builders, provided they have the ability to pre-populate forms based on query parameters.

Using workforms

Please note that the method of pre-filling form fields isn't a solution officially supported by and is subject to change. While it currently works (and has for some time), please be aware of this. If in doubt, we suggest using an alternative form builder.

To add a workform as the checkout link and then receive orders as items straight into your account, complete the following:

  1. Create a new board on your account (orders will be created as new items in this board).
  2. Add a 'long text' column to this board (this will be where the items ordered will show when a user submits an order).
  3. Enable 'Developer mode' in monday labs on your account (profile picture > monday.labs > Developer Mode) to get the column id of your long text column you just added.
  4. Click on the three dots next to the column name of the long text column you created earlier and copy the id.
  5. Add the form view (this will create a new workform).
  6. We then recommend hiding the long text field (click the eye icon) which will store the order details as this will be pre-filled and shouldn’t be edited by the user manually.
  7. Add any other form fields to the form that you’d like the user to enter before submitting an order.
  8. Publish the form and visit it at the url provided.
  9. Revisit the board that you have setup with Board Publisher and navigate to the Board Publisher settings and enter the published form url in the Checkout Link input field. Then, add &YOUR_COLUMN_ID= to the end of your url. If the url doesn’t already include a ‘?’, replace the ‘&’ with a ‘?’.
  10. That’s it! When users add items to their cart and click checkout, they’ll now be redirected to your form to confirm any additional details. When the form is submitted, a new item will then be created in the board, along with the relevant order details.

We also recommend hiding the order details field in the workform to make it more presentable. Here's how:

Custom implementation

The below requires technical knowledge and isn't required to use the ecommerce mode. However, if you would like to proceed with a custom option, please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance.

You can add any link here, however, it must end with a url query parameter that is 'open' as when a user clicks 'checkout' they'll be directed to this link, with their cart contents appended to the URL.

For example a valid url would be (note the ?items= at the end):

The structure of the details appended to the open parameter will be an array of objects with the following object properties.


  • id: This is the id of the item in monday. You can use the 'item id' column monday provides to see this yourself on your board.
  • name: This is the name of the item as shown on the published board
  • qty: This is the quantity of items that user has added to their cart
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