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Troubleshooting common errors

Duplicate collections highlighted on your published board

If you are seeing multiple collections highlighted when clicked on your published board, this is likely due to a naming conflict between the groups on your board. Please ensure every group has a unique name to prevent this.

Formulas showing empty on your published board

Formula values may show empty on your published board if the formula references a column we don't support within formulas.

We support the majority of the column types available, except formulas referencing columns of the following types:

  • Other formula columns (see below for a work around)
  • Connect board and mirror columns
  • Group

If an unsupported column is used, the formula value will appear blank on your published board

Generic workaround

If you are using an unsupported formula on a board that is published, we recommend hiding these columns in the Board Publisher Settings board view by scrolling down to the Columns Customisation section, and toggling the hide option for both the all items page and item detail page for these columns.

Referencing other formulas within a formula

If you are wanting formulas that reference other formulas to show on your published board, add the full formula function that's present in the formula you're referencing (instead of just the reference to another formula column) in your formulas to achieve the same result.

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Last updated: 13 Feb 2024

I wish I had used these guys in the first place...

"Jack and the team were outstanding with communication, design, advice and build, which ended up looking and feeling 100% native. I will be using these guys again I'm sure."

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