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Adding a description to your board

Easily add a description to your published board by updating your board's description. We support line breaks too, so feel free to split up your text into multiple paragraphs!


Adding an Image Banner

Add an image banner both on individual items in the grid view as well as on the item detail page to showcase your products, services and more!


We currently only support images added with the 'From Link' option within a file column. This will then prompt you to enter the url of the hosted image (see examples of hosts below) as well as a name to describe the image.

Examples of popular image hosts:

  • Cloudinary
  • Dropbox (make sure to make the image public and append &raw=1 to the end of the url)
  • Google Drive (ensure that the image is set to 'public')
  • Upload directly to your website (e.g. Squarespace, Wordpress, Shopify etc)

In addition to the ‘open item’ button, you may also want to add other links which are custom based on your board's data.

Example of the "Buy now" button which contains a custom link:

custom button.png

To achieve this, add a formula column to your board (or use an existing one) and make sure it resolves as a valid url (including https:// at the start). Then, within the Board Publisher settings, go to the 'Columns Customisation' section, add the column and toggle on 'Link enabled' under the 'Formula column settings' for this column.

formula column settings.png

You then have the option to select whether it should be a primary button (ie so it shows similar to the "Buy now" button example above as a standalone button). If this toggle isn't selected, it will display as a regular column value with a hyperlink. For example:

custom button secondary.png

The formula column settings for the link will be updated on both the 'all items' page and the 'item detail' page (provided they are both being shown) to allow the link to be easily accessed.


If you just need a static link, simply wrap the link in quotes:


You can also create dynamic links using values from other columns and all the other formula offerings. For example:


Note, the custom link setting will only show for formula columns. If you have a column that stores links and you’d prefer to keep the link management there, simply create a new column of type formula and reference the other column in the formula. You can then hide the ‘duplicate’ column which you are using to manage the links from the published board in the ‘columns customisation’ section within your Board Publisher settings.

For example, if you have a column named "Link" reference it in the formula column like so:


Resolving the formula to "#" will hide the button for specific items. This can be useful if you want to disable/hide the button on some items.

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